Kusina Sea Kitchens at Hilton Manila Unveils Four Hands Culinary Series

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Hilton Manila elevates its buffet dining experience with Kusina Sea Kitchens’ reimagined buffet featuring global live-cooking kitchens

Kusina Sea Kitchens at Hilton Manila Unveils Four Hands Culinary Series

MANILA, Philippines (September 14, 2023) -- Hilton Manila is set to redefine culinary excellence with the unveiling of its reimagined buffet experience at Kusina Sea Kitchens, featuring global live-cooking kitchens. This exciting culinary journey kicks off with the much-anticipated second edition of their Four Hands Culinary Series, where Executive Sous Chef Mark Santiago of Hilton Manila and guest chef Executive Sous Chef Pat Mesina of Conrad Manila join forces to showcase mouthwatering Filipino recipes. This limited-time event, running for two weeks, promises to be an exquisite fusion of international and Filipino flavors.

Chef Mark Santiago and Chef Pat Mesina have united their culinary talents to bring the flavors of the Philippines to new heights at Kusina's Four Hands Culinary Series - Global Gastronomy.

Chef Mark draws from a heritage rooted in Kapampangan and Bulacan cuisines. He specializes in iconic dishes like Serkele (Blood stew), Lengua Asado, and Lapu-lapu Dela Reyna, blending tradition with innovation. Mark's lifelong dedication to Filipino gastronomy is a tribute to family legacies and a celebration of diverse flavors.

Chef Pat, renowned for her Filipino Kapampangan dishes, offers specialties like Oxtail Kare-kare, Beef Nilaga Kapampangan style, and Tofu Sisig. She skillfully updates these heirloom recipes with modern ingredients and presentations, infusing them with a touch of Spanish influence.

Together, these two culinary masters are poised to elevate the Filipino Kitchen at Kusina's Global Gastronomy series, offering a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation in each dish.

John Lucas, General Manager of Hilton Manila, expressed, "Our commitment to exceptional guest experiences goes hand in hand with our passion for sustainability. Through Hilton's 'source local, cook global' campaign, we reduce our carbon footprint and support local farming communities, and at the same time, ensure the highest quality of food for our guests."

Following the Four Hands Culinary Series that will run from September 15-30, Kusina Sea Kitchens will continue to captivate guests with an array of eight distinct internationally favored flavors: Indian, Salad, Japanese, Asian, Noodle, Filipino, Western/Carvery, and Dessert. Each kitchen is led by talented chefs, some of whom are esteemed winners from the 2023 Philippine Culinary Cup.

Hilton Manila invites food aficionados and explorers to embark on this culinary journey at Kusina Sea Kitchens, where the flavors of the world converge under one roof. Global Gastronomy buffet is open for weekday dinner (PHP 2,800++), weekend lunch (PHP 2,500++), and dinner service (PHP 2,800++).

For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 2 7239 7788, send an email to MNLPH_F&Binquiries@hilton.com or visit https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/mnlphhi-hilton-manila/.

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